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The cars that show up each month are amazing. For us it’s also the stories of the people and their passion for cars that makes Caffeine & Octane special. We want to learn more about our C&O family! With 2500 cars showing up each month having some idea of who is coming will help our film crews and photographers to make sure they capture the best variety of special cars and stories each month.  

Once you register your car(s) you will become a ‘insider'.  You will receive benefits including previews of the shows including videos and pictures only available to insiders. You will also receive coupon codes from time to time that will give you special discounts on certain C&O merchandise including limited edition t-shirts and hats available only to insiders. We have several other great benefits planned for the future so we hope you will share with us a little bit of information about your car and what makes you a true C&O Gearhead.  You will always have a direct channel to Bruce via a special email address so you can let us know what you enjoyed, when we need need to fix something, and suggestions for how we can make C&O a better experience for you every month. 

We appreciate your support very much! Without it, there would be no Caffeine & Octane.  Please complete the form below to register your car(s), become an insider and start sharing the stories of your passion for cars with us. 


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Tell us more about your car. What do you like about it? Have you made any modifications?
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